Terms and Conditions

Property Tax Consultants

The undersigned owner or authorized agent of owner (“Client”) hereby retains Property Tax Consultants (“Company”) to determine that (“Client”) is receiving fair and equitable property tax assessments on the real and/or personal property. This service will include, but not be limited to:

  • Analyze current assessments and notice of protest & appeal
  • Presentation of analysis at the Appraisal Review Board
  • Negotiate to all levels available in order to secure lowest possible value
  • Recommendation of legal counsel to appeal to District Court

The property owner hereby engages Property Tax Consultants to provide property tax reduction services for a contingency fee of twenty –five percent (25%) for commercial properties & forty percent (40%) for residential properties of property tax savings for current year. Property tax savings is defined as a decrease of the tax liability on the Property, resulting from the efforts of the Company or their agents. The Company will bill Client as soon as we obtain written evidence from the assessor’s office of a reduction in value. Payment of invoices shall be due upon receipt. Following the 31st day after the invoice is issued, the outstanding balance will bear interest of 1.5% per month, and cost of collection and attorney’s fees, if any. Company may withdraw from this agreement without notice if its fees become delinquent, or requested information is not provided in a timely manner. This agreement between Client and the Company is irrevocable for the tax year this contract becomes effective. This agreement will remain valid under the same conditions unless revoked in writing by the Client before April 30th of any subsequent year. All changes to this agreement must be in writing.

The settlement procedure and amount of settlement are the sole discretion of the Company. Savings are calculated on latest known tax rates. The Company has not and does not make any guaranty, representation, or warranty as to the appeal results. Recommendations, advice, and opinions are based on sound knowledge of valuation, appraisal, and assessing theory on both a national and local level. It is understood and agreed that the Company is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or opinions.

When warranted, we will advise Client of alternative options for the settlement of property tax matters that go beyond the administrative appeal process. These options include but are not limited to correction motions, binding arbitration, and litigation. A separate agreement will be required for these options. Property owner agrees to pay Property Tax Consultants a contingency fee of 50% of Estimated Tax Savings (assessed value after ARB hearing less final value times prior year tax rate) resulting from the binding arbitration or judicial appeal.